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A Merry Life

Kat Wallace is on a mission.

After escaping torturous enslavement she is determined to prove herself as a member of the Bosch Pirate Force and use her skills to avenge her enslavement and free other thralls.

But unexpected love and a test of loyalty threaten to rob her of what she wants most: a home.


Burn the Ship

Kat Wallace has her hands full: growing children, a floundering marriage, a commission as Bosch Pirate Force officer, and a driving desire to destroy her past enslaver. An unexpected opportunity is presented that could put her at the forefront of the fight- taking it she gains new friends and allies, but also must confront resistance and betrayal, from not only her opponents, but from within the ranks and within her home.


Navigating the Storm

All Kat wants to do is run her own life.

But it seems as though everyone else has competing plans for her. When a face from her past spurs a dangerous mission, she jumps at the opportunity, unaware that it will have explosive results. The choices she makes may put her on the path to end enslavement on New Earth, but at what cost?


Blow the Man Down

Kat Wallace’s life is finally on track. Poised to become the next leader of Bosch. Finally has a path to break up human trafficking on New Earth and destroy the man who enslaved her. And as an extra delight, she is starting to explore love with a man who knows her worth. Suddenly, though, the most precious parts of Kat’s world, her children, are stolen, and it is up to her and her allies to retrieve them before they are lost forever.

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Pirates of New Earth
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Unfurling the Sails

A storm. A plot. And a rivalry that spans generations.


In this thrilling young adult novel, a storm sets the stage for a gripping tale of adventure, suspense, and unlikely alliances.

Fourteen-year-old Grey Shima is unimpressed with growing up. So, she throws herself into the things she loves: sailing, whittling, and losing herself in fantasy and adventure stories. When she qualifies to participate in the Great Sea Race, Grey is ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Caught in a rogue storm, Grey and her sworn enemy, Ashton, are thrown together in the Great Sea and rely on each other to survive. But their struggles are far from over as they uncover a sinister plot that threatens the lives of thousands. In a race against time, Grey and Ashton must confront their deepest fears to save themselves and protect their loved ones.


Prepare to be swept away as two reluctant allies discover the true meaning of resilience and the transformative power of friendship.

Kick Mac

A Pirates' Pact  A Kick and Mac Adventure


Two brothers, a hidden secret, and an adventure of a lifetime.

On the pirate island of Bosch, almost eleven-year-old twins Kik and Mac are facing a storm of changes. With a father from Edo and a Bosch mother, the brothers navigate the challenges of identity, friendship, and family in their own unique ways.


Mac, daring and mischievous, finds himself in a whirlwind of trouble as he strives to impress new friends. Meanwhile, Kik, quiet and observant, grapples with his heritage and a heartfelt secret he's not ready to share.


When a ball thrown in anger fractures a family heirloom, a hidden piece of a pirate treasure map emerges, setting them on a quest that will shake up their relationship and reshape their understanding of family.


A Pirates' Pact is a tale of friendship, self-discovery, and the enduring strength of family ties. Will Kik's and Mac's pact withstand the challenges ahead? Embark on this middle grade adventure where bonds are forged, secrets are unveiled, and treasures go beyond gold and jewels.

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